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What's in a name?

The most difficult part about setting up a blog, it seems, is choosing a name. You need a catchy name with a purpose behind it. It's got to reel people in and make them want to read about you and what you have to say. All in a few words. Or two in my case. Asperger Dad is the name of this Blog henceforth and I like it. That should be enough shouldn't it. Yet still I feel a small pang of worry about the name choice. Here are my reasons.

1. It's very revealing. I'm not the most private of people but I'm a lot more sedate in the realms of social media than I am in real life. For those people who have met me, I'm quite a blunt speaking, open individual. I shy away a LOT more on social media. Mainly for fear of offending others. That's another blog post entirely. Back to the current topic. (I love a Topic!) Not everyone knows that I have Asperger's Syndrome. Many people who know me in the real world wouldn't associate me with Asperger's Syndrome. Yet, as stated on the blog site, I'm a 100% genuine, card carrying Aspie. If only we got a card! I'll go into what having Asperger's Syndrome means to me in a future post. So much to look forward to.

2. I am one of BILLIONS of parents out in the world. The internet coverage on parenting is sewn up. Completely. What could little old me possibly have to add. I feel a fraud throwing the word Dad into my title as a result. What qualifies me to talk about what being a Dad means?

So, I have a problem with both of the two words that I have chosen to make my title. Why stick with it? Again, in list form... (I love a list)

a) It's true. I am a Dad, I have Aspergers. Dad Aspergers doesn't sound good.

b) It fully allows me to talk about the most important things in my life. You could expect solely child related posts all the time as the kids are super important to me BUT the Aspergers bit opens a whole world of extra possibilities and I can talk about other things too.

c) We all have a right to add our voices to a crowded world. My experience of parenting and life in general is completely different to everyone else's. Common themes no doubt, but different nonetheless.

d) You've got to have a focus point and the name of your blog site is that focus point. Asperger Dad is as good as any other name and it is probably to most representative of who I am and what I have to say.

I'll wrap this one up now. After all, I've said all I have to say on the subject. I was never truly going to be happy with any name I chose. So I've decided to get on board with the idea of being called Asperger Dad and ride the wave.

A paragraph on intent. It's taken a lot of convincing to write a blog. As previously mentioned, I don't ever like offending people even though I know I sometimes do. I've never been great at taking criticism and the potential of receiving criticism from total strangers still concerns me greatly. To those people who don't like what I have to say. Firstly, I'm sorry if I've offended. It's not my intention to do that. Secondly, please don't tell me off. I didn't do anything on purpose. Just let the unintended offence wash over you and don't read my writing again. To those who enjoy what I have to say. I'm glad you do/did. Please come back and read other posts as I write them. To those on the fence of either camp, I can only get better at this. Apart from a few verbose FaceBook posts, I've not written any essays since Drama School and they were awful essays. These ones will be better.

Now, do I have to sign off with a witticism? Maybe. As I said, I'll get better at this.

All the best,

Asperger Dad!!!