Once you've started...

Firstly, I must say how incredible it is to have people interested enough to read what I have to say. It's very touching. Thank you. Secondly, there is an important thing to remember about Asperger Syndrome (AS) sufferers. As each persons experience of the world is different, so it is with AS. Each persons experience of AS is very different. As with all Autistic Spectrum disorders. So what I say comes very much from my perspective. Sometimes you may relate it to a personality trait of your own. This does not mean you have AS but it doesn't mean you don't either to be fair. Basically, please understand that this blog will forever be from my perspective only. I am no expert in Autistic spectrum disorders or Asperger's Syndrome. I am only an expert in MY Asperger's Syndrome and the experience that has given me.

On with my point. All this sharing and liking has made me feel so totally awesome that I immediately found a quick moment to fly upstairs and write a new blog. This has always been a trait of mine. Anything I enjoy, I usually end up seeping all the time I can possibly seep into that subject. It was ever thus. As a young lad at boarding school in the 90's, fad and crazes were commonplace. However, I would always take things up an extra notch. A theme recurrent in my day to day life. Take the case of the 1994-95 Premier League sticker album. I have never really been a big football fan. Especially in my youth. (More so now, I married into a family of Liverpool FC supporters. I maintained my independence by choosing to "support" Southend Utd FC.) However, that year saw me spend all the pocket money I had on little bags of stickers to put into a book that I had to complete or my world would end. I revisited this experience this year for Euro 2016. I blew over £105 on stickers. I'm a grown man.

This personality trait is one many other people can relate to. I can become remarkably obsessive about things. However, it isn't for the obsessions sake. It is mainly for the way the obsession makes me feel. I took great comfort in pouring my energy into peeling stickers of their backs and placing as neatly as I could muster into a book. I absolutely loved getting all the teams completed. I was the only person in my school year to complete Blackburn who won the league that year. That made me feel special. I loved revisiting that experience this year. I loved getting that same feeling of importance as I completed Iceland! These experiences carry all through my obsessions. Playing the piano for comfort, disappearing into my favourite computer game Lord of the Rings Online and killing some Orcs gives me immense satisfaction. Especially since Tolkien's world of Middle Earth is so beautifully and faithfully recreated. Don't even get me started on how Star Trek (The Next Generation mainly) makes me feel.

As it has always been with all obsessions I have, so it is with this very new one. I've never kept a daily diary. I've recorded a few videos throughout the years for posterity which are always fun to look back on. However, I've never written much down. Could this be because of the old adage, never put pen to paper? Or never put pixels to screen as I'm typing this on a computer screen. (Lucky you, my handwriting is terrible.) Or is it because I've never had much to say before?

I think it's most likely because I've never thought anyone would listen. Why share extended thoughts with the world when no one wants to hear what you have to say? Now don't get me wrong. I've always been listened to by those around me. In the real world. I have suitable outpourings elsewhere. It's with their encouragement and generous endorsements that I find myself obsessing over this new experience. And I like it. So a huge thanks to them and you for reading. You are completely feeding my own obsession and it feels great. Thanks.