Breathe the pressure.

Rather surprisingly this blog has garnered far more interest than I ever imagined garnering. Now that many people are interested, I feel I need to say more to justify those who have followed. This, suffice to say, is a pressure.

It was often said to me by a wide variety of people that I am a creature of routine and habit. Indeed, I really don't like short term changes. Or more precisely, I don't like not being in control of short term changes. How does someone with this trait cope with the inevitable changes that happen as a result of the unexpected? The unexpected in this case being the fact that over four thousand people have liked the Facebook page and a video of me singing with my family in the car has had over one hundred thousand views.

What have I done to cope with this unexpected turn of events? I'll tell you. Besides visiting my mobile phone more often than I usually do in great anticipation as to what else has happened, the main coping strategy I've employed links back to my title. I've literally breathed the pressure. (All self inflicted pressure of course.) I have taken real time out of my day to just breathe. Sitting, standing, washing the dishes. Breathe. Not really just breathe, but, think about breathing. Instead of just letting it happen as thankfully it always has done, I have focused on breathing in and out. That has been my principal coping strategy.

Not particularly fancy. So I'll tell you a few more that have also helped. I've spoken to various family members and enjoyed the levels of surprise as we have talked about this blog and the notice it's gathered. I've read and re-read the direct messages I've been sent as a result of launching this blog and let those sink in. In short, I've relied on those who know me best to keep me from stressing out, I've been genuinely humbled by the support and apparent interest in this blog that some people have expressed which has really helped to keep me calm and I've breathed.

I am a lucky one. I've developed numerous coping strategies over the years for dealing with everyday life situations. I work in an industry that is very social and people led. (More on what I do for a living later I think.) I've had to re-think and craft new strategies for my career choice. I've stumbled. Often. But I am still a lucky one. With patient support throughout my life from those nearest to me, with a lot of understanding from people with influence and those in charge of me (teachers and the like) I've found myself happily married with two children and a good career.

So I ask myself. Do you need to "breathe the pressure"? What pressure? This circumstance is unique. I'll have to deal with it by being positive, thinking before I do something and realising that it's going to be alright. Breathe.