Ben: The Little Pickle!

It's been a whole week since I set up this blog. The response has been completely overwhelming. Fantastic too though. I had no idea my thoughts could prove so interesting to others and that's a lovely thing to feel. Thank you all for your support. I owe a particularly big thank you to my darling wife for encouraging me to launch a blog in the first place.

But enough of such niceties. I'm going to talk a little about my son Ben. I mentioned him in the previous blog. He's nearly two and is just awesome. Full of that inquisitive nature that you find in children his age. He can't really talk much at the moment. He's got "Mama" and "Dada" down just fine. He calls his sister Martha "Didi" which is not only super cute but also very clear. He particularly loves a good bounce whether it be on the trampoline in our garden, his sister's bed, the sofa or even just on the floor. He'll find a place to bounce anywhere. He likes to eat pasta in all forms with any accompaniment and he still loves to put random objects that he hasn't come into contact with before in his mouth. I call that being an "Oral Explorer".

So that's the lowdown on Ben. He's got many more facets to his personality which I'll talk about more over time, but that'll do for now. I'm going to talk about the opposite of what people normally talk about when it comes to their kids. I want to talk about my desire for Ben to NOT figure things out. Don't get me wrong. I'm always proud when Ben can do something new. I love watching him discover new skills. Who wouldn't love that? However, sometimes it's really annoying when he figures something out that I'm just plain not ready for him to figure out.

Recently, Ben discovered how to loosen the strap on his car seat. Mid transit. On a motorway. (That's a freeway to my friends across the pond.) What's more, he discovered this really fun skill when I was on my own. I took the opportunity to video him revisiting this skill when we had arrived back home. Take a look.

Well done Ben! You are proud of yourself aren't you. I had to pull over and tighten it back up. Then I had to constantly tell him not to do it which made him upset. What I decided to do was let the little guy have some fun when we got home. As you can see here in the video. I'd love to say it got it out of his system but it hasn't really. He's getting better at not doing it though.

It's little "skills" like this that I wish he couldn't achieve. Skills like stealthily getting into the kitchen and then opening both the fridge and the freezer, taking what he fancies and then leaving the doors open. Skills like eating the remote controls for the TV and DVD player resulting in them no longer functioning. And my personal favourite, the most recent skill of turning every tap he can possibly find on. Stop looking at Ben for a second and you've got a broken TV, spoiled food and a massive water bill. You let him get away with it though because he's just so ridiculously cute and there is never a hint of malice or intent to annoy in him.

I suppose that's the counter argument to this isn't it. These exploratory developments that Ben is trying out are not meant to annoy me. He doesn't understand yet what it is to waste water and food or how much it costs each time he destroys a control for an appliance. He sees an opportunity to try something new. He finds joy in trying it and either continues to do it or not after seeing what response he gets. Maybe we could all take a lesson from that. We should all try a new thing and look around to see what response we get. Just like I did with this blog.

If you read this in your later years Benjamin, please know that I think that these skills are some of your best work. You are, after all, my little pickle. And as the 18 year old version of yourself curls up inside and weeps at the idea of being called a little pickle online, know that you'll always be a little pickle to me and I'd take an infinite amount of broken remotes over you changing that.