Children update.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing my last blog everyone. Obviously Matt's health is a massive part of our lives right now and I'm delighted that so many people took the time to read, share and donate. It is so comforting to see that human beings still have the capacity for generosity and kindness. We seem to be told how nasty people are everyday now. It's humbling to see how wrong that position is. I thought I'd bring you all up to date with the other large part of our lives, the children.

Just like that, another 5 weeks has run away from me and I've not written a jot about the kiddies. There are, of course, reasons for this absence. List time!

Firstly, work. I know that's a boring excuse, but it is indeed valid. It's been pretty time intensive over the past 6 weeks particularly. Illness has swept through the staff and leaves a lot of things to do. Things have finally settled down now though. Simple weeks remain until I need to find new work. Again. More on that another time.

Secondly, getting to grips with having three children. It's super hard people. It's super ace but super hard. And it's so much easier for me than it is for Catherine. Cath is breast feeding so, I get to sleep through, she doesn't. My focus has mainly been on work annoyingly. I started a job three days after Iris was born and have been around far less than I would've liked. However, with all the usual support and awesomeness of Grandparents, we've managed.

Martha and Benji have been fabulous. Ben is so gentle with Iris now and understands that a Thomas the Tank Engine train in the face might not be a thing the baby would like. He's also turned three and simply will not poo. He stocks it up for days at time and then disappears to a lonely corner of the house and quietly provides a bowl buster. It's tough to explain to him that we're here to help. To encourage and soften (no pun intended) the experience for him. To no avail sadly. 8 days is his current record. He continues to flourish at his nursery and is a magically happy soul who has a massive love of running, laughing, throwing things in the air and Paw Patrol. For the uninitiated, Paw Patrol is a TV series featuring a 10 year old boy called Ryder who is the go to guy for fixing his town's problems, using super-intellectual dogs each with a specific skill. Think of Ryder as a young Jim Phelps (or Ethan Hunt if you prefer the movies) off Mission: Impossible and the pups (there are six main cast pups and a further two special pups) as his team. His favourite varies from day to day. Rocky is my personal favourite. Chase the Police Dog pretty much does all of the work whilst the rest eat and do dog stuff. It's all massively irresponsible of the town's Mayor who is probably embezzling taxes from the citizens whilst using child labour and magic talking dogs with adapted machines to solve issues. No more on Paw Patrol. Ben loves it. That's enough for me.

Martha has been leap frogging through life with a massive skip and a jump. She loves school, swimming, singing, dancing and was so excited about Christmas. (You can never be too excited really when you're aged six). Ever the actress, she sang in the school talent show. She chose a song about a dead pet hamster called Hammy by a fantastic children's song writer called Nick Cope. Give him a listen, it really is aimed at kids and is not at all patronising or painful to listen to. The instrumentation is real, not synthetic. It's pretty much like grown-up music but with themes suitable for young children. Songs about Lizards, Witches, Poo, Nana's cooking, a Dragon called Keith, Pirates, Aliens and all manner of awesome subject matter for younger audiences. Martha loves him and everything he's ever written. She knows most of the words to most of the songs and sang the one she thought would get 'the most emotion out of the live audience.' She was right, of course. All the feels. Not a day drifts by that I don't marvel at something she's done or said or an observation she's made. Her goal for 2018 is to have her first professional acting job. A responsible and lofty goal. Full of pride of course. And she recently married her best friend and made her a card saying 'To my dear wife'. She suggested I make one for mummy.

I get to write about the new one properly for the first time. Iris is so straightforward for me. She's so charming and lovely with little fluffy hair like a rockhopper penguin. She is so beautiful and gentle. Best of all, she sleeps. Joy of joys, she sleeps. Poor little lady had her first trip to hospital though. She had a bronchiolitis at four weeks and spent two days being observed. She's back to herself now. Or at least discovering what that is. She's a massive 12 weeks old and has a smile that lights up the world!

So between work, an eldest who sings and is already married, a son who won't poo and obsesses over magic dogs and a youngest who sleeps, it's been quite busy. Wouldn't change it for the world.