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I'm Back. Again.

I’ve not been very good over the past few months have I! I’ve not managed to sit down and write about things that have happened, opinions I have formed, issues I have dealt (or not) dealt with and commit them to the ever-expanding pool of the internet. I have no excuse. Those which I’d offer are pretty lame to be honest. The truth is, I’ve just not sat down to write anything. Sure, I’ve journeyed through the inevitable self-doubt that writing a blog can create. Am I interesting enough? Is what I’m saying useful to anyone? Am I Aspie enough? (I regularly feel that others struggle far more than I ever have). Might I seem a bit like I’m bragging if I share these frankly awesome experiences I’ve had? These are all legitimate concerns obviously but more often than not, I come to the conclusion that none of them really matter. My life is relatively interesting, at least it certainly is to me. I hope that what I write about can be considered useful. Whilst I might seem a little ‘braggy’ from time to time, it’s never coming from a bad place. Only from a desire to share my fun experiences with a wider audience. And as for being Aspie enough, in the words of my wife, ‘you’re clearly an Aspie darling, that’s enough’.

So I’m back. Do I do one really epic, massive 10000-word blog with pictures and stuff or do I break this down into pockets of interest? ‘Pockets! Please god pockets’. Ok, pockets it is. Pockets is an odd word isn’t it. Love it though. Over the course of the next few weeks, you can read a few blogs about the last 6 months. Including such titles as:

The Tour with Mr Tumble

Swindon, Wiltshire’s Las Vegas

A Tale of Two Diets

My Inappropriate Children

Passport, passport, where for art thou Passport?

Which one are you most excited about?

In the meantime, let me bring you up to date with how the family are, where I’m at with life and how approaching my mid 30’s has affected me!

They’re fine. The family are fine. All well, living, happy and travelling through life with a skip and a jump. Like a troop of positive Kangaroos! Catherine has continued to bowl everyone over with her professional drive and business acumen. On top of all the private teaching, peripatetic teaching and choir running, arranging and conducting she does, she’s launched a drama school too. Her summer workshops sold out and the school nearly has too. Her clarity of thought and business planning tires me out just by being around her. I’ve never been more proud of her and it’s awesome to watch someone have so much passion and purpose. It hasn’t always been that way for Cath. Watching her soul fill up has been genuinely magical. More on the drama school in future blogs no doubt!!!

Martha is the same trend setting firecracker she’s always been. Now is year 2 at school, she’s grown a real love for reading and can regularly be found under her bed buried in a book. The Worst Witch is the current favourite, but Cath reads her Harry Potter and I read her Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. Her high energy and quick wit are really entertaining and she seems to love testing her boundaries. All the freaking time! She is fierce, she is loyal, she’s fast and she’s convinced she’s a Slytherin but all I see is Ravenclaw.

Ben is the very definition of a Hufflepuff. Caring, gentle and loyal. His speech has blossomed in the past 3 months. It’s so incredible to be able to connect with him more definitively now and understand what he is asking for. Even if it is mainly food related. He’s started his final year of pre-school and is loving every second. He has a passion for PJ Masks and a programme called True.

Iris is on the move. She’s fast. A very fast crawling whippet. Baby gates have been installed but Martha and Ben don’t always like to close them. We’re usually very vigilant but Iris has eaten cat food. She’s a very sunny little lady who sleeps well. Sorry to rub it in for some of you but she’s great. I mean, we’re currently in the middle of a 2 – 3 hour nap. Love it.

Finally, for the moment at least, it’s nearly my birthday. I’m just about to hit the thrilling age of 35. I refer to this as my mid-30’s. 34 could be counted as mid-30’s but I’ve always regarded 34 and younger as the early 30’s. 36 is most definitely therefore, late 30’s. But I don’t need to worry about that. I’m only going to be 35. Mid 30’s. I’ve got to thinking about when I became an actual adult. I still don’t feel like one. I’m sure I’m not alone in that assertion. Somehow, I’ve woken up in the future, with an awesome wife, three terrific kids, a house, a car and all the other trappings of middle class living and I’m about to turn the age that Mozart was when he died. I’m not going through a major existential crisis here to be honest, I’ve just become acutely aware that I’m not a 20 something anymore. Although in my mind, I completely am. Perhaps that’s the right way to be.

It’s good to be back. I enjoy writing these. I enjoy finding the time to reflect and think about what certain moments have meant to me. I enjoy reflecting about what it feels like to be ‘me’. Look out for the next instalment soon folks.